The Benefits of Installing a Portico on Your Home (2024)

Gable roof portico with columns in Boston MA

You want the entrance of your home to make a memorable and welcoming first impression.


One way to enhance your front doorway is with a well-designed portico.


Installing a portico to frame your front door is a great addition to any home.


Porticos add curb appeal, provide shelter from the elements, and increase the value of your property.


What is a Portico?

A portico is a roofed structure built at the front entrance of a home.


It frames the door and is supported by columns or brackets.


Porticos originated from Greek architecture and have become integrated into modern European and American architecture.


They’re often found on homes, government offices, museums, and academic buildings.


Porticos can be designed to complement your home’s existing style, whether it’s historic, classic, or modern.


What is the Difference Between a Portico and a Porch?

A portico is a roofed structure built on top of a porch or entry stoop.


Porticos cover an entrance area, and frame the door, but they don’t act as a porch on their own.


A portico can enhance the design elements of a front porch while increasing its function and protection.


It provides enough space for decorations on or beside the front door, but porticos cannot accommodate outdoor furniture like a porch.


Also, a porch can be installed at the front, sides, or back of a home. A portico is usually only installed at the front door.


Benefits of Installing a Portico

Porticos provide protection from the elements as you enter and exit your home.


They can also protect the inside of your home since porticos give you coverage. They give you time to wipe your shoes or shake out your umbrella, so you don’t trek water, dirt, and other debris inside your house.


Additionally, a portico can provide shelter for guests arriving at your home, keeping them dry and comfortable while waiting to enter.

A covered entrance also provides shelter for seasonal decorations and other items placed on each side of your door.


Installing a portico can make your front door last longer by shielding it from rain, snow, sun, and other wear and tear. Porticos prevent doors from warping and can stop paint from chipping and fading.


Adding a portico is an easy way to update your home’s exterior without needing a complete renovation.


It’s an affordable alternative to building a front porch and can transform the entryway of your home.


It also increases resale value since it enhances the beauty and style of your home. 


What to Consider Before Installing a Portico

If you’re thinking of adding a portico to your front entrance, here’s what to keep in mind.


  1. What’s the purpose of the portico? Is it purely decorative to add curb appeal? Or do you want it to keep you dry while bringing in the groceries in the rain? Or keeping guests protected from the elements before they enter your house. The answers to these questions will help determine size, style, materials etc.


  1. What’s your budget? Porticos can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, stone, or metal, each at their own cost.


  1. How’s the weather? If you live in a warmer climate with lots of sun year-round, you may choose a different design and materials than a homeowner in Boston who deals with all four seasons and has to consider snow and ice. And a homeowner in the windy city of Chicago may need sturdier materials and design.


  1. Will you need a drainage system, such as gutters and downspouts? These will divert rain away from the portico. Another option is to install snow guards to prevent large chunks of snow and ice from falling onto the portico.


  1. Do you want lighting for your portico? Light fixtures can be installed directly under the portico roof. Or beside the door on either side.


Finally, think about the overall style and architecture of your home to ensure the portico complements the existing structure.


More on that later.


Is Adding a Portico Right for Your Home?

Porticos are increasing in popularity as homeowners return to classic design elements and architectural styles.


Both older and more modern homes include porticos for their beauty and functional benefits.


It’s important to match the portico design with the style of your home.


For example, a modern home would benefit from a minimalist and sleek portico, while an ornate portico might be best for the entrance of a Victorian-style home.


A portico can complement any architectural style, including:

  • Colonial
  • Classic
  • Greek Revival
  • Italianate
  • Queen Anne
  • Georgian
  • Tudor
  • Second Empire
  • Gothic Revival
  • Federal
  • Romanesque Revival
  • Cape
  • Contemporary


The columns or brackets can be as sleek or ornate as you like.


Also, the portico roof can be flat, pitched, gabled, or arched.


By selecting a portico design that complements the architecture of your home, you’ll create a lovely addition that will make a lasting impression.


Roof Styles of Porticos

There are several roof options to choose from, each with its own unique style, function, and appeal.


Some popular options include gable, hip, flat, and shed roofs.


The most common roof style for a portico is a gable roof.


Its triangular shape offers a classic look that complements many architectural styles.


Another popular choice is a hip roof which offers a modern and sleek style with four sloping sides that come together at a point.


This type of roof is known for its stability.


Other options include a shed roof, which features a single slope; a flat roof, which offers a clean and contemporary look; and an arched roof with its stunning curve.


Ultimately, the roof style you choose for your portico will depend on your personal preferences and the overall design of your home.


Choosing the Right Support Columns or Brackets for Your Portico

When adding a portico, a crucial element to consider are the support columns or brackets.


Columns are straight structures attached to the roof and the ground, or base.


They support the roof and can be as plain or decorative as you want.


Brackets also support the roof by attaching it directly to the house, similar to an awning.


Brackets can also be as sleek or ornate as you’d like.


Columns and brackets not only provide stability and support, but they’re also important to the visual appeal of the portico.


Material, size, and design should all be considered when making this decision.


Whether you opt for traditional wood or modern metal, selecting the right support for your portico will ensure it stands strong and adds the unique style you desire.


The Cost of Portico Construction

The cost of installing a portico will vary depending on:

  • materials used.
  • size of the portico.
  • style of the portico.
  • condition of your home.
  • architecture of your home.


Your contractor can provide you with a cost estimate for design, building, and installation, to see what aligns with your budget.


Maintaining and Protecting a Portico

Maintaining your home’s portico will extend its lifespan and keep it beautiful and functional for years to come.


Ensure your portico is constructed with proper drainage so that water, snow, and ice will not build up on top.


Regular upkeep and maintenance, such as removing debris and cleaning surfaces, can prevent damage caused by weather and natural wear and tear.


Periodically inspect for any cracks or structural issues and address them promptly to prevent further damage.


Also look for signs of weather damage and insect activity.


By taking these steps, you can ensure that your portico remains a charming and functional part of your home for decades.


Key Takeaways:

Installing a portico is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s exterior and increase its curb appeal.


Adding a portico enhances the overall beauty of your home.


It also increases the value of your house and makes a lasting impression on visitors.


A portico not only adds charm and character, but it also provides shelter and protection from the elements.


Porticos can be customized to fit the style of your home and can range from simple and modern to grand and ornate.


So why settle for a plain entryway?


With its combination of functionality and visual appeal, a portico is a valuable addition to any home.


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