Boston Framers Builds Roof Deck for 200-year-old Home

Rood Deck build on third floor of Historical House in Walpole MA

When Jennifer Rogala bought her condo in Walpole, MA, it included a 16’x16’ flat rubber roof with a beautiful view of the property.


But the third-floor space lacked railings which created a safety risk.


She hoped to address the safety issue while also converting the space into a roof deck.


Jennifer Rogala


Walpole, MA



• 200-year-old historical residence.
• Narrow access to get to the building site.
• Deck design required approval from town and neighbors.


• Replace rubber roof.
• Install TimberTech decking.


• Structurally sound roof deck.
• Design that matched 1800’s exterior.
• Provided privacy without sacrificing style.


“Building a roof deck on a 200-year-old house needed to ensure the sturdiness of the historical structure while also keeping the design in line with the exterior 1800’s style. Boston Framers delivered on every aspect. My deck is a gorgeous outdoor space with a view. I couldn’t be happier.”

Jennifer Rogala

Working with Boston Framers, Jennifer built a 16’x16’ roof deck on the third floor of her condo.


The construction included replacing the rubber roof, gutters, constructing a sturdy deck frame, installing TimberTech decking and railings, plus privacy walls.

Addressing Safety and Style with Roof Deck

The condo was constructed inside a historical house built
in 1830.


A door on the third floor led to a flat rubber roof with no railings.


There was nothing to keep a pet or a person from falling over the side.


She needed to address the safety issue, but also wanted to make the 16’x16’ space useable.


It was the perfect spot for a roof deck, but she was concerned about the structure’s ability to hold the weight of a deck.


A roof deck has additional safety concerns than a lawn deck.


Jennifer needed an expert deck builder—specifically one who had experience with roof decks.


Why She Chose Boston Framers?

Boston Framers’ website had photos of roof decks built
overlooking the city.


So, she figured if they could build a deck on top of a brownstone in Boston, then they could handle a roof deck in a less populated suburban area.


Solid and Reliable Construction Project Management

Boston Framers managed every stage of the project from developing a design to choosing materials.


We also handled all the coordination with the architect, structural engineer, roofers, deck builders, and the town building inspector.


We also had examples of roofs his team had built that had the traditional style she wanted.


We helped her choose beautiful grey decking and white railings that were easily approved by the homeowner’s association.

Rubber Roof prior to Roof Deck Construction near Boston MA

Before Photo

Rubber Roof had to be replaced before framing the deck.

Roof Deck After Construction near Boston MA

After Photo

Final roof deck with TimberTech materials, safety railings, and privacy walls.

"The building inspector told me I was the third owner who attempted to build a deck on this roof. The other two owners gave up. Third time’s a charm. Boston Framers made it happen."

Jennifer Rogala

The Finished Roof Deck

Jennifer’s roof deck is sturdy, safe, and low maintenance.


It’s a beautiful space to entertain or just have coffee in the morning.


Her neighbors were also happy with the design and how it kept with the 1800’s style of the building’s exterior.

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